Mold Removal – Why You Should NOT Use Bleach

Molds have roots (Hyphae) and bleach’s Ion structure stops chlorine from penetrating porous materials, therefore when you spray, all the chemicals are going to stay on the top of your surface while the water part of the solution just soaks through. Simply put, bleach will make the color go away NOT the mold.

Straight vinegar is more effective killing 82% of mold spores and will help prevent future mold if you spray it on the surface and allow it to dry.  Because the odor vinegar gives off is a bit strong, and not ideal for most, some people will mix essential oils in their vinegar spray – like tea tree oil and grapefruit extract.

All said and done you really might want to leave it to the professionals if you want more than 82% of the mold killed and gone after all dead mold is still allergenic, and some dead molds can be potentially toxic.

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